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Michelle G. Davis, PA-C

Michelle has lived and worked as a health care provider in Bradley County for more than 30 years, including more than 25 years working with Dr. Snowman. She is a 1993 graduate of the Physician Assistant program at Emory University's School of Medicine and went on to earn her Master's Degree in Medical Science, graduating cum laude.

Michelle was born at Emory University Hospital in Decatur, Georgia, where her father had just completed medical school and her mother was enrolled in nursing school. The family then moved across the country to Palm Springs, California, where Michelle and her four siblings grew up. Michelle's family moved often because her father served in the military for six years. They lived on several Air Force bases throughout the country.

After graduating from high school one year early, Michelle moved to Demopolis, Alabama, to live with her great grandmother. She attended Livingston University and Auburn University from 1972 to 1976. At Auburn, she met her husband of 23 years, who was a native of Tennessee. They moved to Tennessee to put down roots but eventually divorced.

Michelle enrolled in nursing school at Cleveland State Community College and graduated with honors in 1984. The following year, she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, also with honors. Her very first job as a nurse was at Bradley Memorial Hospital from 1984 to 1985, where she learned a lot about the medical community and established lifelong relationships with other health care providers. Michelle then worked for the McMinn County Health Department for two years. This was followed by a return trip to Bradley Memorial Hospital to gain more experience in as many areas of medicine as she could, such as pediatrics, intensive care, coronary care, and the emergency room.

Michelle Davis

In 1989, Michelle applied to and was accepted at Emory University's Physician Assistant program in Atlanta, Georgia. After a grueling 28 months of both clinical and didactic education, she graduated with a Master's Degree in Medical Science with honors, and came home to find a job. Many thanks go out to several local physician offices for providing some of the clinical training during her tenure at Emory.

Soon after graduating and becoming a Certified Physician Assistant, Michelle was hired by Dr. Snowman in her solo OB/GYN practice. Together, they have provided health care to women for more than 25 years, with an emphasis on preventive health. Michelle looks forward to continuing the tradition of providing quality health care to women for many more years.

One of Michelle's lifelong desires was to become a mother. After issues with infertility, she adopted two children, Angela and Jake, who are very special to her and she is glad to tell anyone who will listen stories about their unique qualities and the blessings of being a mother.

The People to People Student Ambassador Program invited Michelle, along with several other Physician Assistants, to serve as goodwill ambassadors to Brazil in October 2011. Their goal is to bring professionals of different cultures together to learn from each other. Michelle came away from the experience with a greater appreciation of the challenges of providing health care in less-fortunate areas.

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