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Women’s Care Services in Cleveland, TN

Enjoy the best in women's health care from Ocoee OB/GYN. Located in Cleveland, TN, we provide comprehensive health care services for women of all ages, including pregnant and non-pregnant women. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to be seen by one of our doctors or nurses. We ensure your visit with us will be a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Women’s Care Services in Cleveland, TN


When you're expecting a baby, it's good to know there's an OB/GYN practice like ours that offers the latest in prenatal care to ensure the best for you and your baby. We offer top shelf care for you and your developing baby.

We Offer:
• Routine OB Care & Delivery
• Management of High-Risk Pregnancies
• Ultrasounds for Dating, Growth, Anomalies & Fetal Well-Being
• Non-Stress Tests to Measure Fetal Well-Being
• Screening Tests for Chromosomal Abnormalities & Spina Bifida
• Genetic Counseling as Indicated
• RhoGAM for the Rh Negative Woman to Protect Her Fertility
• Versions to Turn Breech Babies


Ocoee OB/GYN offers a full range of gynecological services to fully diagnose, treat, and evaluate each patient. From performing annual Pap smears to managing the onset of menopause, our practice provides the necessary care and treatment services for women.

We Offer These Services and Solutions To:

• Routine Gynecology Care
• Annual Exams
• Birth Control Management
• Thermal Ablation
• Permanent Sterilization
• Irregular Bleeding
• Pelvic Pain
• Endometriosis
• Fibroids
• Ovarian Cysts
• Vaginal Prolapse
• Sexual Dysfunction (Pain with Sex)

• Evaluation & Management of Common Infertility Problems
• Colposcopy for Abnormal Pap Smears
• Loop Electrical Excision Procedure for Precancerous Cells
• Long-Term Birth Control (IUD Insertion/Removal & Nexplanon™ Insertion/Removal)
• Menopausal Management (Hormone Replacement & Osteoporosis Management)
• Labial Reduction

Gynecology Resources in Cleveland, TN


Additional Care Services

Our practice also provides many other services for female patients. They include:

• STD Screening
• Exercise, Nutrition & Weight Management Counseling
• Incontinence Management (Surgical & Non-Surgical)

• Urinary Tract Infections
• Hormone Replacement (Traditional, Bio-Identical & Low Libido (Inhibited Sexual Desire))

• Genetic Cancer Screening

• Screenings (Thyroid Disease, Diabetes, High Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure)
• In-House Lab Testing
• Mole & Skin Tag Removal